Johnstone Park stormwater system

Johnstone park 2


Johnstone park 1


Johnstone park 3Johnstone park 5Johnstone park 4


Johnstone Park is Geelong’s main green space in the town centre. The park  is surrounded by Geelongs most important civic buildings and has many large heritage listed trees and structures.

In the long drought drought period in recent years, the irrigation systems were turned off and many of the heritage listed trees in Johnstone park were suffering. A concept to collect stormwater from nearby buildings and roads and reuse in the park was successful in getting funding and then built.

Stormwater from nearby roads and civic buildings is sent through a gross pollutant trap into holding tanks underneath the lawns of Johnstone park. From there it is used to irrigate the trees. Future installation of connecting pipes could see the stormwater irrigate the main streets of Geelong.

Project Role

  • Project concept
  • Funding
  • Design and documentation
  • Client Liaison
  • Tender Procurement
  • Construction Manager

Collaboration: Engineering Unit, Heritage Victoria, Australian Government Water Grants
Location: Johnstone park, Gheringhap Sreet, Geelong
Completion Date: 2010
Size: 4o0m2
Photography and graphics: Tom Leggatt


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