Geelong railway entrance

train station entrance (before)


train station entrance

Geelong Train Station

Geelong Train Station

Geelong Train Stationtrain station entrancetrain station entrance

The Geelong Railway Station entrance was visually unclear to passengers navigating from the centre of the City of Geelong and also passengers arriving at Geelong had trouble knowing how to get out  of the station! There had been various masterplans and grand designs but no actual works undertaken to improve navigation.

Funding was leveraged from CoGG and State Government to create a launch pad and attraction that helped improve pedestrian amenity and to show the way. A brightly coloured pad extended the footpath away from buses and made room for a wayfinding bollard.

Powerline undergrounding, new area lighting and extended footpath pavements on both sides of the road helped create a safer crossing point. Coloured bollards across the road kept the theme and the trail.

Project Role

  • Principal designer
  • Manage design and documentation
  • Tender and procurement
  • Manage parts of construction.

Collaboration: State Government, Geelong Railway station.
Location: Railway Terrace, Geelong
Completion Date: 2007
Size: 200m2
Photography: Tom Leggatt

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