Palm Tree Grate

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Eastern Beach Road, Ritchie Boulevard, Geelong

The installation of palm tree grates are part of a new initiative to rejuvenate sections of the Geelong Waterfront. The juncture between Ritchie Boulevard and the main waterfront area starts with a grid of existing palms in gravel.

Stage one of the design was to install a new path system and incorporate the palms with a high degree of quality finishes surrounding them. Stage two is to improve pedestrian connections across the road and accentuate the palm grid with appealing lighting and infrastructure details.

Project Role

  • Project Inception
  • Manage design and documentation
  • Tender and Procurement
  • Advise project manager construction

Collaboration: CoGG, JC Brown, Manufacturer, Mel Cassidy
Location: Eastern Beach Road, Ritchie Boulevard, Geelong
Completion Date:

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