Little Ryrie Parking Refuge

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Little Ryrie pedestrian refuge is part of a larger project of laneways and linkages, which are State Government run and financed. These projects involve identifying, designing and delivering large and small streetscapes that create better pedestrian access, activity and vitality.

Little Ryrie car park is a very barren and intimidating space for pedestrians. It is also a good pedestrian link from the north to south. Due to the possibilities of the car park eventually being built on we designed a playful pedestrian path and refuge through the car park to highlight the link and protect pedestrians.

Project Role

  • Project Inception
  • Design and Documentation
  • Tender and Procurement
  • Project Management

Collaboration: State Government, Traders, Building owners, CoGG traffic
Little Ryrie Street, Geelong
Completion Date:
Photography: Tom Leggatt

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