Corio and Clare Street

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Corio and Clare Street



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Clare and Corio Street are part of a larger project of laneways and linkages, which are State Government run and financed. These projects involve identifying, designing and delivering large and small streetscapes that create better pedestrian access, activity and vitality.

Clare and Corio Street are small laneways that surround the new TAC building. They are designed to create better pedestrian amenity throughout the area, including reducing road area and increasing footpath width, large trees and new furniture.

Project Role

  • Concept Design
  • Design and Documentation Management
  • Project Management – Construction

Collaboration: State Government, TAC, CoGG, Traders.
Location: Corio and Clare Streets, Geelong
Completion Date: 2010
Size: 3000m2
Photography: Tom Leggatt

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