Gore Place

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Gore Place part of a larger project of laneways and linkages, which are State Government run and financed. These projects involve identifying, designing and delivering large and small streetscapes that create better pedestrian access, activity and vitality.

Gore Place is a small dead end lane with significant historic buildings surrounding it. It also has significant delivery and garbage collection needs. The concept was to open up a pedestrian connection through the end building that flowed through to Brougham Street. Businesses and main building owners were consulted about facing Gore Place and the main street. The result is a vibrant revitalised and functional laneway with cobbled lane and a wide alfresco area.

Project Role

  • Project Inception
  • Trader/developer negotiation
  • Design and Documentation, management
  • Tender and Procurement
  • Assist Project Manager, construction

Collaboration: State Government, Traders, Building owners
Location: Gore Place, Geelong
Completion Date: 2013
Size: 540m2
Photography: Tom Leggatt

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