Cressy place installation


Cressy Place, Geelong

Cressy place is a small pedestrian laneway identified as part of a larger State Government funded, Laneways and Linkages Project. The laneway cuts between buildings, links two major roads and provides a good north- south link for pedestrians. The laneway was under-utilised due to it being hidden away and unappealing.

The concept idea was to create an artwork, which would enliven the space with some simple cosmetic changes to the path to accentuate it. A tender brief went out to artists to come up with ideas for the area. Alexander Knox was chosen for his ideas based on myths and legends of Geelong. Alexander created old style neon signs in the shape of keys and an old Portuguese ships, which hark back to the myth of old keys being found in a Portuguese shipwreck.

Project Role

  • Project Manager
  • Design
  • Documentation
  • Tenders Procurement
  • Construction Manager

Location: Cressy Place, Geelong
Collaboration: Alexander Knox, State Government, Westfield.
Completion Date:
Katrina Lawrence


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