Planter Box Seat

Planter Box Seat003_Planter002_planter

Central Streets, Geelong

The planter-box seats were the first design to be funded as part of the Mayors incoming promise to green the streets of Geelong. 32 of the planters were installed through-out three main streets. The double height boxes are perfect for extra seating in the city and provide a fun, consistent theme.

In the past we have had difficulty with planters, as the root-balls and plants dry-out due to the small amount of soil surrounding them. These planters have large soil content and can accomodate trees and perennials. The planters come in different seating sizes and configurations, without greatly affecting the cost.

Project Role

  • Project Manager
  • Design and Documentation
  • Tender and Procurement
  • Manufacture management

Collaboration: JC Brown, manufacturers.
Location: Various central streets, Geelong
Completion Date: 2014
Size: 250x90x120cm
Photography: Tom Leggatt
Media: 32 planter boxes add splash of colour to central Geelong – City of Greater Geelong. (2014, October 21). Retrieved October 21, 2014, from

Begg, P. (2014, October 16). Council installs more planter boxes throughout central Geelong. Retrieved October 16, 2014, from Geelong Advertiser October 2014

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