Steampacket Stairs




Steampacket Place is a busy laneway between the Four Points Sheraton Hotel and the Edgewater Apartment Block. The lane was identified as a major new pedestrian access point from the Geelong Waterfront to the City Centre.

The main steps that lead from the laneway to Brougham Street were tired and attracted anti-social behavour due to poor design, material use and inadequate lighting. The steps were refurbished to match the new laneway and lighting was improved; working as an attractor during the day and night. Negotiations with the Hotel Manager to bring forward external doors also discouraged an area that attracted anti-social behaviour.

Project Role

  • Project Manager
  • Principal Designer
  • Documentation
  • Tenders
  • Budget
  • Advisor to Construction Manager

Collaboration: Four Points Sheraton, State Government
Location: Steampacket Place, Geelong
Completion Date: 2014
Photography: Tom Leggatt

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