Geelong West Town Hall Forecourt

The historic Geelong West Town Hall (1924) was the center of the now defunct Geelong West Council. The forecourt in front of the town hall includes a heritage listed war memorial. The town hall now houses Diversitat and the Geelong West Library opens into the plaza.

Over many years, layers of new designs, infrastructure and a build-up of municipal waste choked the forecourt and view lines to the building and war memorial. Research on the history of the plaza was undertaken and design concepts were completed with the idea of simplifying the space and creating a useful, passive recreation area to show off the building and respect the memorial.

During the research phase the original design for the memorial plinth was found and we applied to Heritage Victoria to use the original design but with a modern finish to match the rest of the plaza. We were also successful in receiving funding from Department of Veteran Affairs. Details of the memorial were used in some of the new elements throughout the plaza. The memorial has received a Heritage Award from the local branch of the National trust.

The new regional library also fronts the forecourt and a partnership was formed with Geelong Regional Library Corporation to create an area that could be used for outdoor reading, internet access and children’s activities. Deck chairs have been included as part of the forecourt for informal meetings, lunches and classes.

Project Role

  • Project Manager
  • Principal Designer
  • Funding
  • Design Documentation
  • Tender and Procurement
  • Construction Management

Collaboration: Community, Councillor, Geelong Regional Library Corporation, Dept of Veteran Affairs, Diversitat.
Location: Pakington Street, Geelong
Completion Date: 2013
Size: 1200m2
Photography: Tom Leggatt

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