Legends Plaza

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Skilled Stadium at Kardinia Park is the home of Geelong’s AFL Club. As part of the redevelopment of the stadium, a new pedestrian area was created from an existing car park to showcase Geelong’s sporting legends.

Sculptural elements are the centrepiece of Legends Plaza, which includes an exposed aggregate coloured concrete pavement with large concrete obelisk sculptural elements, by the sculptor Mark Stoner. The sculptures are arranged in a serpentine line creating inferred rooms to house the ethereal looking glass panels with legend graphics.

At the time (2008) the technology for the glass panels was new. Working with a specialist glass company we were able to create two metre panels of glass with a graphic interlay to create life size images of legends.

Project Role

  • Principal Designer
  • Stakeholders liaison including sculptor Mark Stoner
  • Design documentation
  • Tender and procurement
  • Manage parts of construction.

Collaboration: Government, Skilled Stadium, Cox Architects, Mark Stoner, Emery Studio
Location: Kardinia Park, La Trobe Terrace, South Geelong.
Completion Date: 2008
Size: 400m2
Photography: Tom Leggatt, Sandra Duncanson

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