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Steampacket Place


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Steampacket Crossing

Steampacket Place consists of three separate projects; the main laneway, a major pedestrian crossing across Eastern Beach Road and the revitalisation of the Steampacket Steps.

Steampacket Place is a busy laneway between a hotel and an apartment block. The lane was identified as a major pedestrian access point from the waterfront to the city centre with the Four Points Sheraton Hotel owning a portion of the Steampacket Place Laneway.

Negotiations for a larger streetscape and an improved entrance for the hotel resulted in a shared zone for cars and pedestrians and the creation of a visual lead towards the refurbished steps and central Geelong.

A new pedestrian crossing across Eastern Beach Road also linked the materials and language of Steampacket from the waterfront into the city and a created a safe pedestrian link.

The project was chosen as a model for using alternative green materials for the new MAV Local Council Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines

The sites drainage is through a 30-meter long biofilter trench which receives the stormwater. Stormwater is then cleaned through a plant layer, various grades of sand and then continues out into the bay. The concrete is low-carbon using waste from industry, manufactured sand and screenings from recycled concrete.

Project Role

  • Principal Designer
  • Documentation
  • Tenders and procurement
  • Budget
  • Advisor to Construction Manager

Collaboration: Four Points Sheraton, Edgewater Apartments, CoGG Engineering
Location: Steampacket Place, Geelong
Completion Date: 2014
Size: 570 m2
Photography: Sandra Duncanson, Tom Leggatt, One Rabbit

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