Waterfront Playground

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Brief to revitalise an old playground structure. The playground sits in part of the award winning Geelong waterfront with high quality design details. Rather than just look at replacing the old playground structure I looked at the whole area.  The idea built on observations that children were more interested in running up and around the hill, through the plants, rather than using the existing play equipment.

The hill became the main attraction and the area became a kind of stage set with communications between the elements via the custom made stainless steel funnels.

Now children race around the half submerged paths, trying to find the talking funnel linking with others across the otherside. Parents have an area they can sit and watch the action but unfortunately a sound funnel may interrupt them.

Project Role

  • Project manager
  • Principal Design
  • Documentation
  • Tenders Procurement
  • Construction Manager

Location: Eastern Beach, Geelong
Completion Date: 2012
Size: 300m2
Photography: Tom Leggatt


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