Youth Activities Area


YAA is a $1.6 million multi-function park for Geelong’s youth. It is designed to provide a skate park with quality surfaces, furniture and a form sympathetic to the award winning waterfront landscape. The area has constant activity due to the myriad of activities such as skating, bike-riding, rollerblading and scooting as well as incidental users such as pedestrians and fitness groups.

The area consists of formal skate elements such as ramps and grinding steel but also informal stairs, seats, steel blocks and steel structures. The steel structures have different roles. There are AV centres, shelters and stage areas. Users can plug in an iPod to play music and events organisers can utilise the audio visual system and stage lights.

The project has won several awards and started a revolution in skate park design with the idea that they are fully integrated into the urban fabric and not a separate identity. The designers were Convic, Landscape Architects.

Project Role

  • Project Manager
  • Oversee design documentation for tender.
  • Manage tender and budget.
  • Manage construction of project.

Collaboration: Government, Convic, Landscape Architects
Location: Eastern Beach, Geelong
Completion Date: 2010
Size: 3300m2
Photography: Tom Leggatt, Convic

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