Gheringhap/Malop St entrance.

GM 001

C 1880

GM 002


GM 003


GM 005GM 004GM 006GM 007GM 008GM 009GM 010GM 011

Corner Gheringhap and Malop St, Geelong

The CoGG Engineering Department were under great pressure to change the design of a large existing roundabout into a more formalised traffic light based intersection. The area is historically significant as the entrance to Geelong with the civic precinct nearby and the premier parkland, Johnstones Park, adjacent to the intersection. Civil and traffic designs were drawn up and I was brought in to make the left over spaces more aesthetic with access to pedestrian crossings.

A significant heritage listed fountain; the Belcher Fountain, had to be moved from the roundabout, from its approximate position in the late 1800s, to Johnstone Park. Works had already begun with a concrete base already laid and application to Heritage Victoria had been made.

I presented a design to the Engineering unit, which extended the older Malop Street works through the new space as a ceremonial walk with the Belcher Fountain at the end. Traffic entering Geelong would also see the Belcher Fountain. The design was rejected by the engineering unit because of the changes they would have to make. The engineering manager stepped in and pushed for the design to go ahead.

The intent of this design was built, but unfortunately many details were deleted in construction.

Project Role

  • Design
  • Documentation
  • Tenders Procurement
  • Advise Construction Manager

Location: Corner Gheringhap and Malop St, Geelong
Collaboration: Engineering department, Heritage Victoria.
Completion Date:
Photography: Tom Leggatt


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