Concrete Balls

ball 006ball 007ball 003ball 008ball 004ball 005ball 002013_Steampacket

Steampacket Place, Geelong

Working in collaboration with a lighting and concrete manufacturer to produce a concrete ball that includes an LED strip light. The unique lights line the pedestrian walkway alongside the Edgewater Apartments during the night and day creating interesting detail.

The manufacturer, Anston Paving, created a small prototype from detailed design drawings and worked out how to fit the LED strip and conduits, to allow for easy installation on site.

The balls are made up of two hemispheres with an aluminium channel inlay to house the light strip. Power and connection is through the base, with both hemispheres screwing onto a central bolt. The weight of each ball is 260kg making them extremely difficult to vandalise.

Location: Steampacket place, Geelong
Collaborations: Anston paving
Year: 2013
Photography: Tom Leggatt, White Rabbit


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