Plant mats

plant 006

Soil media experiment

plant 007

Soil media experiment

plant 009plant 003

plant 001

Biofilter ready to be filled

plant 004plant 005plant 008Concrete Balls Steampacket Place Geelong


Plant matting was designed for a new biofilter trench in a highly urbanised area. The biofilter is 30m long, 800mm wide and 800-1000mm deep. The trench is a concrete box with several different layers of sands and loams with agricultural drainage at the bottom, overflow drainage and a custom grate.

The plant mats are nursery grown, Ficinia nodosa on mass in 300x400x50mm trays. They are installed on the soil filter like instant turf and immediately work to filter stormwater, protect the soil filter from silt, immediately stops weed infestation and any erosion.

It is an old idea from Europe where they were growing carpets of emergent plants on fibre reinforcing. The section of plants was then unrolled in situ along banks of waterways and instantly protected the banks from erosion and helped stop weed infestation.

Location: Steampacket place, Geelong
Collaboration: Geelong Indigenous Nursery.
Photography: Tom Leggatt


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