Moorabool St Bus Superstops

Bus 1Bus 4Bus 2

Moorabool Street Bus Superstops.

A short term plan from Department of Transport and Engineering Unit to move all the buses from several stops into two major stops in the main street in Geelong.

The design of the Superstops had to fit with the recently completed Moorabool streetscape including the fully grown palm trees, allow for hundreds of passengers at different times of the day and fit onto a 7m wide footpath. A brief went out to several consultants to design the shelters and spaces. Ian Dryden, industrial designer won the contract to design the bus shelters. The shelters were to wrap around the palms, be open, allow pedestrain traffic through, minimising blockages to shops and passing pedestrians, be vandal resistant and with high amenity.

The shelters are approx 15m long and 3m wide, curved stainless steel with specialised glass. Shelters have flexible solar panels on the roof powering the heaters inside for winter and LED lighting. Stormwater flows into palm tree pits and then into the stormwater system. Blinds can be pulled down in summer heat. The roofline wraps around the palm trees.


Project Role:

  • Project Manager
  • Design manager
  • Client Liaison
  • Ongoing Design and Documentation
  • Tender Procurement
  • Manufacture management
  • Construction supervision


Collaboration: Traders, Ian Dryden, DOT, Engineering deptartment.
Location: Moorabool Street, Geelong
Completion Date: 2011
Size: 160 m2
Photography: Tom Leggatt


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