Jetty Rd Playground


Jetty rd 3

Jetty rd 1

Before, start of works

Jetty rd 7Jetty rd 6

Jetty rd plan


Jetty rd 2Jetty rd 8Jetty rd 5Jetty rd 4Jetty rd 11Jetty rd 10Jetty rd 9Jetty rd 12


Identified in the Geelong play strategy, the Jetty rd recreation reserve was identified for a new sub-regional playground. The state government and CoGG jointly funded the project.

The site was a gently sloping paddock near some tennis courts. There was no masterplan for the recreation reserve so a quick overall sketch plan was done to maximise future connections and synergies.  Basic concepts for the project were to have some street presence, linking pathways with the various external entrances, incorporate an existing degraded BBQ area, have a variety of challenging, interwoven and interesting play equipment and provide intimacy and openness. With such a large site the budget was a challenge and at every stage savings were made through recycling, reuse and tight tenders.

Sustainable attributes are a swale/creek which captures all site water and allows it to percolate into subsurface. All timber elements from recycled/reused timber. Mulch from local tree trimmings. Over 2000 new indigenous plants, local tree logs salvaged and used for seating and natural play elements.

Project Role

  • Project Manager
  • Principal Design
  • Documentation
  • Tenders Procurement
  • Construction Manager

Location: Jetty road, Clifton Springs, Geelong
Collaboration: Community, schools, Tennis Club
Completion Date: 2016
Size: 3000 m2
Photography and graphics: Tom Leggatt


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